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 "Our experience from start to finish was Flawless."

Grab a cuppa, Rum, Prosecco (all 3 if your'e feeling spicy) and take a look around. I have tried to create a place that allows you envisage what it looks & feels like to have me tell your love story.

So, why me? Well, if the reasons below resonate, there is your answer...

+ First and foremost, your experience throughout this whole process takes priority for me. Communication, reliability, clarity and a friendly approach, allowing you to be seen, heard and genuinely cared for takes precedence. My feedback from 'The Wedding Industry Awards' shows my service doesn't stop at simply creating a beautiful film. Whilst we are on the topic...

+ Creating beautiful films! EVERY wedding has its own story to tell, so look for someone who can identify those special moment, frame them uniquely, and edit to fit your favourite songs to double down on the emotional connection to the film.

+ I have been able to narrow down 3 approaches to creating your filmwhich you can read up on in my unique offerings . This is just a guide though and most weddings I film end up being done so with a unique set of requirements essential to capturing the real story behind the marriage. I would love to chat to you about your journey, your plans, your questions, so click the link below and lets start creating a film worthy of your love story.

Wedding films by Lawal Footage

Those little moments that lay just outside of the spot light; The way your Dad's voice wobbles when he see's you. The steadying hand from your best man as you wait at the altar. Grans face when she see's you enter the room. These are the moments that truly reflect your story. No need for posing or pretence, I pride myself in being passionate about framing these magic moments. I am not here to imitate others, I will be capturing your day with the uniqueness it deserves, and creating a movie that will be more than you could have hoped for. 

Feature Length Film - Extended Story Session

This is a one of a kind unique and wonderful story telling approach that includes the most important people in your life. 

We film a pre shoot at your home and capture stories of you growing up, how you met, your parents stories of your first date etc. This footage and audio blends with footage from the wedding day to create an incredible heart warming film that tells your full love story, not just that of one day. 

As well as everything listed in the Wedding Film option, I also supply you with extended footage from key moments that were otherwise cut short as part of the main video (Footage from the party, guest arrivals, first dance etc)


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Click here to view a

'Feature length film' trailer

Wedding film

+ A full length film covering your entire day

+ A highlights film to share on social media & with friends and family

+ Secretly recorded messages from friends and family on the day to incorporate into the video (ssshh, you aren't meant to know this) 

+ Filming from prep shots through to first dance & party time

+ Other relevant information listed here


Film Trailer

+ A highlight trailer that showcases some of the most special moments, key details from your day, and reflects the vibe of the party (usually around 5 minutes)

+ Created to royalty free music to share online

+ 2 bonus reels created from certain highlights

+ Filming from prep shots through to first dance & party time


I created these offerings to suit the needs of the brides and grooms I have worked with over the years. However, you will most likely require a completely bespoke approach (eg. 4 days needed for a destination wedding/ unique timings for filming). I have worked with smaller and larger budgets so get in touch for a specifically tailored approach for your story.

"Dave is just amazing great professional and friendly guy. He has a very keen eye for perfection. He made the whole wedding party feel at ease."

Feature Length Cinematic Wedding Film by Lawal footage (The trailer)
Lawal _ footage

Feature Length Cinematic Wedding Film by Lawal footage (The trailer)

Your timeline


Reach out and we can have a discovery call where I hear about your journey, your dream day, and put forward my ideas for how to best tell your story.

Right now


I send a contract for you to sign so you are clear on our agreement, and take a £250 deposit to secure the date.

You then tell me how you would like to structure your payments to fit around your other wedding expenses. 

After a few weeks


I arrive the morning of, prepped and ready to film. Leave after first dance having captured the best footage of your life. 

I try to go unnoticed where possible to capture authentic candid moments.

The big day


Within 4-6 weeks you receive a hand crafted hamper which has everything inside to re-live the big day in true movie night style.

Post wedding

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