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Schools and Education

As a teacher for over 14 years I have a commitment to improving the quality of service available to schools and educators, with an aim to enhance;

+ Teaching and learning resources

+ Showcasing schools provisions

+ Communication between homes and school providers

+ Champion young people in our schools by giving them the platform to share their greatness


Video support options

Some of the most popular services 


A one day session will allow us to capture and create a wide range of content so you can completely update and overhaul video content for your website, including videos such as...

+ 'Hero' videos for the landing page

+ About us sections

+ Student voice

+ School tours


One of the most breathe taking parts of teaching is watching young people have their moment. Where possible we can capture these and shared with the community (permissions allowing) to allow parents and carers to watch when previously unable to, or simply relive the moment again and agin.

+ Musicals

+ Drama performances

+ Christmas concerts


Teaching and learning resources

Improving the availability and quality of teaching and learning content has long been a focus for me, and the scope for doing this is endless. Contact me to discuss your ideas and together we can create a plan that could allow consistent and sustained CPD for all staff.

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Another method of teaching and learning development, we initially created Podcasts to allow those staff who couldn't easily access the live CPD to keep up to date outside of these times (on their commute/ in their non contact periods/ at a time that suits them). We quickly realised the passion for teaching and learning across multiple topics was something we needed to share with a wider audience.