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This page is aimed an

at answering the most frequently asked questions. But if you are still unsure about anything wedding related don't hesitate to get in touch


Does it feel intrusive?

With the prospect of a camera in your face all day some people worry about if they will be able to relax....

Not at all. I use lenses that allow me to film in a candid way. Most people forget that I am there. The more relaxed you can be the better the shots, so I do my best to blend in.


What you get

Within 6 weeks you get the following...

+ A full video of the entire day, from prep shots to the first dance & evening party

+ A highlights video for social media/ to share

+ A few bonus shorts eg first kiss or confetti


Payment dates

A £250 deposit is made to secure the date...

...and the rest of the payment is agreed to suit you. I know you have lots of vendors to pay, and some months you may have already forked out for this, so together we can plan around this. 


Additional extra's

Any extra options we need to be aware of?

+ A second videographer to capture those involved getting ready at both venues, multiple angles at key moments, both faces captured when walking down the isle and other key moments £300.

+Extended hours capturing the party past the first dance £200

+ Express edit to receive the video within 10 days (often chosen by those who want to watch it on Honeymoon) £300


Preparation location & timigns

How do I film both of you getting ready, especially if in different locations?

Never worry about prep shots. It is easy to 'stage' some of these such as a top button being done up. Lots of these shots are actually filmed at the reception venue, in a photogenic location.



How we watch it

You receive a movie night box...

...Containing a few bonus surprises to make watching back the best day of your life even more special. The videos are all on a USB stick for ease of watching on multiple device.


Extra info

If any questions are not covered in this section just give me a call and I will be happy to help

+ To capture these moments I use two 4k Ultra High Definition Cameras, wireless audio & drones.

+ Add to this the years of experience you get when you book me you can rest assured you will be getting the highest quality experience.

+ A drone pilot with over 5 years flying experience.

+Professional colour grading to suit the style you request (autumnal, summer, bright and airey etc)

+ Delivered on a branded USB card. Extra cards are also available for friends and family.

+ Fully insured with PLC up to £1 million 

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