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Wedding Pre Shoot for Louise & Pete

As part of my service I offer a unique opportunity to get a pre-wedding shoot.  This can be at the venue you intend to marry at, at the location you got engaged, or simply a local park that means something to you both. Why is this encouraged I hear you ask, well here are just a few reasons...

1. An opportunity to meet face to face, and work out if you actually like me!

2. Get used to my way of working - candid, none invasive, none posed style.

3. Create an incredible keep sake video that can go on your social media/ wedding website/ QR code on your wedding invites to build even more excitement for the big day.

4. Create a video to play at the wedding for guests to watch during Canape and downtime.

5. Have a bit of fun....

These pre shoots cost just £‎350, get in touch now to book a date to capture some more special moments.

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